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BustEd Sculpture Portfolio

Completed in Spring 2022, there are currently three sculpted busts available for purchase and use by art educational institutions and organizations.


Interested in purchasing our sculptures for your classroom? Please complete this form to submit an inquiry.

Margo (she/her)

Margo (she/her) portrays a Black woman in her 50's. She's wearing her hair in long box braids, and the natural asymmetries of her face are captured most apparently in her eyes — Margo's total blindness and all-white eyes are depicted sculpturally.

This work will challenge students to make careful observations of a unique likeness, requiring them to attend to the specificity of Margo's portrait. It will also afford students an opportunity to study and represent disability in their work.


Eugene (he/him)

Eugene (he/him) portrays a young Black man from Ghana in his 20's. He wears his hair short on the back and sides and longer on the top, in a box fade style. His facial hair is carefully edged.

The strong geometric shapes in this sculpture are ideal for beginning students working to identify both contour and the shape of interior shadow masses. Students unused to representing African likenesses in their work will need to contend with the structures and relationships of Eugene's facial features.

Jiahe (she/they)

Jiahe (she/they) portrays a young person of Chinese heritage in their early 20's. She wears her hair in a simple bun, and her soft features are juxtaposed by the more defined contours of her brows and eyes, highlighting her gaze.

The rounded transitions in Jiahe's face, particularly from a frontal view, will challenge more advanced students to capture subtlety in their work. Jiahe was sculpted while they worked toward their undergraduate degree, so students of that age may also find their likeness familiar and relatable.

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